Each and every Bond is custom built to your specific requirements, resulting in the perfect bike for you. We can match the exact specifications of your favorite existing frame, or tweak that existing geometry to better suit you, or start from scratch to build you the bike you've always wanted but were never able to find. Made out of the highest quality aluminum available and welded by highly experienced craftsmen, a Bond bike delivers exactly what you need.

Why Aluminum? Aluminum allows us to make the bike we want - and in turn the bike you want - to be able to fully customize the geometry without having to create endless new moulds, as would be required had we sought to build in carbon fiber.

The other fact that motivated us to build this first Bond with aluminum was the knowledge that innovations in design, materials, technology and manufacturing of this material would now allow us to offer not only a bike that rode with all of the advantages of aluminum’s responsiveness and stiffness to weight ratio, but also with an uncommon smoothness of ride, one that would eliminate the harshness that was so common in even the best aluminum bikes of the past.   

In years gone by, a main technique available to adjust the ride properties of an aluminum frame was the use of butted tubes, or tubes that had their interior diameter/wall thickness varied over the length of a tube. This approach was useful in its way, but ultimately limiting.

Improvements in computer aided design and performance modeling, hydroforming of tubes, advances in aluminum alloys, and our access to unparalleled manufacturing quality, enabled us to create an aluminum bike for this century.

Bond tube shapes are designed to minimize tube size differential at junctions,  allowing us to create the greatest strength possible at these joints for nimble, sure and stable steering, and amazing power transfer when pedaling.

All of our tubes are joined with single pass smooth welds that not only mean a flush bond but also an increase in stiffness and strength and integrity of the welds.  We also machine the junction points of tubes in a way that removes excess material, saving weight, while sacrificing nothing on stiffness or weld integrity of these joints. This precision machining and welding reflects the integrity of the engineering behind every Bond frame and also that of the craftspeople whose professionalism we so rely on.

All of our frames are anodized, which not only contributes to the distinctive finish of a Bond, but also allows us to further enhance the tube properties after welding. Very fine tube thickness might create great performance and ride quality, but below a certain thickness of tube wall, it is not possible to weld properly, meaning that strength, durability, stiffness and safety are compromised. 

As a result,  it is not possible to spec such a thin tube to build a bike. However, our post-weld anodizing allows us to remove some of the tube surface after the welds are complete effectively creating a thinner tube to deliver the ride qualities we seek, as well as allowing us to guarantee the quality, tube integrity, stiffness, durability and relatively low weight of each and every Bond. 

Bond - form following function that provides beautiful lines to match a beautiful ride.




There are many bonds. There is the bond between the rider and the road, between the rider and the culture of this sport we love, another between the rider and the bike, and, of course, there are the literal bonds that hold the bike together. 

There is yet another bond, that between each of us who ride, regardless of language, culture, color, religion or creed. 

The strength of each of these bonds informs, illuminates and in some cases defines our lives. 

It would be overly grandiose to say that Bond began as a direct result of any single philosophy that can be put into a simple phrase, but rather, it originated out of a feeling shared by a small group of friends. 

We wanted to make a bike that was fully customizable in every way, out of a material that has been overlooked for almost two decades, and we wanted to make a bike that felt great and handled beautifully. In short, we wanted to make the very best aluminum bicycle frame out there. 

Did we succeed? Perhaps you can tell us.

It took two years from the germination of the original idea, first kicked around, naturally, out on a ride, to get the bike we wanted. Two years of engineering, design work, testing, and everything else that comes with producing a machine of the highest precision. And now we are here, at the start of another stage in the journey.

You will have noticed that there is nowhere on our website to actually buy the Bond frame. This is because we want to minimize as much as possible the barrier between us and you. Leave your details on our Contact page, and we will email or call you to discuss your Bond, to work out exactly what you need. 

We made the first Bond bike for us. Now let us make one for you.

This is Bond.