Matt Wikstrom, technical editor of the world's leading website CyclingTips, has just published a comprehensive review of the Bond frameset we sent to him some months back. We waited (kind of) patiently, slightly nervously (as anyone would), but then, after reading the review, we are thrilled with the outcome!

Our Bond.Bike received a 9.2/10 on its overall rating (edging out just about every one of the more well known handbuilt frames out there and plenty of off-the-peg brands), and a 10/10 for the function rating. 

Some quotes from Matt:

"As expected, I was immediately comfortable on the Bond. The bike exhibited all of the hallmark qualities that aluminium is known for, so it was stiff, light, and very nimble. Perhaps most satisfying was the way the stout chassis refused to yield to my efforts, providing instead, a satisfying surge in speed.

"While part of me understood that it was futile, I tried to find the limits of the Bond’s explosive abilities. I just ended up punishing myself in the process but I couldn’t resist the bike’s potent blend of agility and responsiveness. Plus, rocketing along on the bike was an absolute thrill."

"My enthusiasm for the Bond did not wane during the review period, which I count as a positive sign for any bike. Aside from being both exciting and a pleasure to ride, there was never any rattling or creaking to distract me. Whether or not that will change over time, I cannot say, but I can’t think of anything that I’d want to improve upon."

"I have been waiting for a company like Bond to come along and fill what has been an obvious hole in the bespoke frame-building market. By taking advantage of Taiwanese manufacturing and opting for aluminium alloy, Bond’s framesets achieve a tempting sweet spot in terms of price, performance and customisation."

Click here to read the full review and see some stunning images of Matt's Bond.