by Emma Pooley

New partnership with Bond.Bike

I am thrilled to announce that in 2017 I’ll be riding a new and literally perfect bicycle frame.

It’s been difficult to keep this exciting development quiet for the past few months, and finally I can share all the details of my new partnership in full. is a perfectionist, bespoke, and totally awesome aluminium frame builder. I will be racing on fully custom geometry (and colour) road and TT bikes. For me, as a smaller-than-average cyclist (1.57m “tall”), this means that I can finally ride a bike that fits my slightly unusual geometrical requirements. Size and fit are the most crucial determining factor of any bike frame for health, comfort, and performance. Being a “morphological exception” (the official jargon!) has its challenges.

Bond frames stand out for their beautiful simplicity of design, but more importantly they handle beautifully. Aluminium is light and stiff and the technology of this material has been quietly moving forwards for decades, so that it’s now a real competitor with carbon in terms of performance. I’m going to have a featherweight TT bike in a size to fit me, and I can’t wait!

I love the philosophy and ethos of the founders of They are true cyclists themselves, with a passion for helping others to find the perfect bicycle frame. I’m thrilled that they believe in me as an athlete and want to support me towards achieving my goals, and I’m hugely proud to be an ambassador for

I believe very strongly in the importance of correct bike fit and I know all too well how little choice there is for smaller cyclists, from the mainstream brands. It’s not necessarily well known that custom frames can be affordable and competitive with off-the-peg brands – so it’s also wonderful to showcase that have achieved that balance of high quality and realistic pricing. Check them out on and on Instagram

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